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About Assisted Moving


As a licensed Realtor in the Florida and Michigan residential housing markets, and having helped hundreds of younger clients find their dream homes, Sharon Tormey has recognized an unmet need in the real estate market. While there are many outstanding Assisted Living Facilities (ALF) across the nation, the moves and transition from living on one's own into an ALF, often occurring over a series of stages, is a difficult burden to many seniors and their families.

Sharon decided to fill this unmet need. Using her skills acquired through years in the real estate business, she began Assisted Moving, initially helping her elderly parents, friends and relatives. Though some families can make arrangements to have family members available to assist in moving their parents or loved ones, many other families simply cannot. Whether it be the miles separating them, or workplace constraints, or that those family members are themselves ill equipped to handle such a move, Sharon delivers  a moving experience that places all of the family members at ease.

Some families just want a little help, finding a reliable moving company and making sure the price quoted is fair. Others want to simply let Sharon take care of every last detail. It's up to the person, just like at an ALF.

There is no need to wait until after you are living at an ALF to enjoy the benefits of the stress free lifestyle it entails. Simply give Sharon a call at the number below, and she will take it from there. That's why we say "Assisted Living Begins Today!"

      Sharon Tormey
    Assisted Moving
    Phone: (561) 729-0124
    Fax: (561) 626-1738
    1423 14th Terrace
    Palm Beach Gardens, FL  33418

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