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Assisted Moving's FAQs


1) What do I do with the rest of my belongings?

This is a very troubling issue for many clients. The first step is to inventory your belongings, and determine, which, if any, you want to give or offer to your family members. Thereafter, items of considerable worth are best to be sold or placed on consignment. Less expensive items can be donated to charity, yielding a tax deduction. There are always items that simply need to be discarded. From experience, Assisted Moving can make this process, which seems daunting at first, a piece of cake.

2) Does the ALF know about Assisted Moving?

Absolutely! In fact, nearly all of our business arises from relationships Assisted Moving has built with ALFs. ALFs are well suited for taking over the needs of seniors once they have moved in, but they are not generally equipped in making the transition from fully independent living. They are generally very eager to refer potential residents to our services, because doing so makes it more likely you will choose their ALF. In fact, some ALFs are even willing to cost share our services, because they like having an assistant in the transition process.

3) What can I take with me to the ALF?

It varies, depending on the unit into which you will be moving. Assisted Moving will photograph and measure your belongings, get the floor plan from the ALF, and create a Computer Assisted Drawing (CAD) that shows the precise placement of each of your belongings.

4) What if my family can help me...why would I use Assisted Moving?

Most people moving from their own place into an ALF are still quite independent. The last thing in the world they want is to burden their loved ones. Moreover, while their family may mean well, but they do not have the experience, expertise, know how or contacts that Assisted Moving has. So, even if they wanted to help, they really do not know what do do or how to do it.

5) What do I do on moving day?

Well, that's up to you. We recommend that you let us pack you a light suitcase, and move over to a luxurious and yet convenient hotel for a day or two. Or, travel and spend some quality time with loved ones. Then, after your unit is completely ready to move in, show up and enjoy!

6) We will want to sell our house after we move out, can Assisted Moving help?

Absolutely. Sharon Tormey has decades of experience in the residential real estate market. As a licensed Realtor, she can not only assist in preparing your home for sale, by working with landscapers, painters, and contractors to get your residence ready. She also has expertise in "Staging" your home, in which it will be prepared for showing by an interior design team, using  exquisite rental furniture and decorations. This process is designed to insure that you will get the absolute best price for your home at closing! On the other hand, Sharon will assist you should you desire to rent it instead.

7) What f I only need a little help?

Whether you need a little help, or want us to do everything for you, Assisted Moving is right for the job. Just let Sharon know what you want, and what you don't, and the bid will reflect your desires. We recommend you take advantage of all we have to offer, but not everyone is in the same situation.

8) My Mom is moving from out of can Assisted Moving help?

There are similar companies offering services around the nation. We are affiliated through the National Association of Senior Moving Managers. Through slightly more difficult, Assisted Moving can work with colleagues elsewhere to make the whole process very easy. 

9) I am not moving into an ALF. I am just downsizing to an apartment near my children. Can Assisted Moving help?

Absolutely! Whether the new residence is in an ALF or not, the same principles apply. Just give Sharon at Assisted Moving a call and she will take it from there.

10) How much does it cost?

Well, the initial consultation is FREE! After meeting with Sharon and she is clear about your situation and needs, you will receive a formal proposal. This will include the cost for individual (a la carte) services that you may wish to have Assisted Moving do for you. It  will be clear what the cost would be if each service was paid individually. Assisted Moving recommends, and most clients choose, our "Platiunum Plan", in which all of our services are provided as a significant cost savings.

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