Assisted Moving
"Assisted Living Begins Today"

Palm Beach Senior Assisted Living Move Services

Assisted Moving is dedicated to providing you with a level of service that is unmatched. Our attention to detail and eye for design ensures an enjoyable moving experience.

Assisted Moving is proud to offer a wide array of planning, moving and design services, including:

  • At home visit for free consultation
  • Fully assess current situation and needs
  • Develop a moving plan and timetable
  • Coordinate with colleagues for out of town moves
  • Measure and Photograph current furniture
  • Identifying furniture / belongings suitable for ALF
  • Computer Assisted Interior Design services
  • Work with ALF personnel: paint, walls, floors
  • Sorting of belongings to sell, donate, gift or discard
  • Oversee movers: bids, packing, moving & unpacking
  • Post Office, Subscriptions: change of address
  • Disconnection, cancellation, reconnection of utilities
  • Supervision of movers, numbered identification labels
  • Hotel and travel arrangements for move out / in
  • Unpack essentials, set up beds, stock the bathrooms
  • Put away up clothes,  hang artwork
  • Position furniture according to plans
  • Lamps, clocks, TV, VCR, DVD, computer and internet 
  • Stock the kitchen, pantry and refrigerator
  • Start the icemaker, stove, microwave
  • Sale / consignment of items assuring prompt payment
  • Shipping belongings to loved family members
  • Cleaning: after move in and after move out
  • Assist in the sale or rental of your existing home
  • Work with contractors, carpet cleaners & painters
  • Charitable donations with fair market value receipt
  • Any other need you can think of!

The cost of our services varies depending on the services desired, and a formal bid will be prepared after the initial free consultation.

    Sharon Tormey
    Assisted Moving
    Phone: (561) 729-0124
    Fax: (561) 626-1738
    1423 14th Terrace
    Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418


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